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    Use continuous scale greyed out

    stefano serafini


      Using QS Feb 2018.

      had to create a line chart with multiple lines (almost 100 days) to compare the last day data with the reference of the other 99, so it made sense to have 99 grey lines and just the last one say in red.

      Basically the new line chart had two dimensions (day and time_period, where time_period is just a 5 mins period division of the day). Have only one measure and is a numeric value.

      Point is that no matter what I do I'm just able to show not more than 17 lines despite all data are effectively there...Thought it was because the "Use continuous scale" in the X-axis section was checked, but unfortunately it can't be unchecked, it's just greyed out. What is the reason? and how could I solve the issue?

      Thanks in advance.