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    if statement (Date=Date)

    Pascal Dijkshoorn



      I have two date fields: ACTIVITY_START and ACTIVITY_END with the fomat DD-MM-YYYY HH-MM-SS XY.


      I want to make an if statement in the load script/data manager that calculates if the start and end activity happen at the same date. I have tried the formula:

      - if (date (ACTIVITY_START) = date(ACTIVITY_END),0,1)


      This did not work because the result was only 0 if both date fields were exactly the same, so the time had to be the same as well.


      After this did not work I made two new date fields with the following formula:




      And i tried the following formula:

      if (START_DATE = END_DATE,0,1)


      This same problem occurred, that the times had to be the same as well.


      Has anyone a solution for me?


      Thanks in advance