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    Qlik Sense Idea Section is BACK Baby!

    Michael Tarallo

      Hi Guys - I wanted to share something with you all regarding the Idea section in the Qlik Sense forums:



      As you may know, the Qlik staff are to be the liaisons for our customers and partners and community members when it comes to managing new ideas for the Qlik products. Unfortunately it is a very time consuming process and I do wish there was more of an automated, streamlined approach. We do have the "Idea" section in the community and it has been heavily used in the past by our members. However there wasn't anyone assigned to review it and therefore some sections of the forums, have this area disabled. 

      As an active member in the Qlik Community - I take what I can from feedback when working with various members and enter it into our internal Ideation system. However, you all need a sounding board to share new ideas and place to store them and we want to hear from you - so I personally am enabling the idea section in the New to Qlik Sense forums. You can visit it and submit new ideas here:

      New to Qlik Sense Ideas


      Myself and others that I have discussed this with, will make an effort to review these items and submit them into our internal ideation system on your behalf.  Please note - at this time there isn't a formal process in place to review this area - however, I will make an effort along with others to attempt to manage it. If anything changes with this process, I will update this thread.


      Happy to hear your thoughts!



      Mike Tarallo