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    Timeline analysis

    Rodrigo Viegas Dantas Rodrigues

      I'm trying to make a timeline graphic by month with dimension being the count of a "x" measure (p.number).


      I've already made the MasterCalendar and it works fine but I want the months fixed, so when there is no count values for a month the graphic put it to zero.


      I've also tried the options "Show as zeros" (on graphic appearance tab) and unchecked "Include null values".


      As a turnaround I created a "fixed" calendar, with all months, but I stucked when trying to separate the count "x" by month.


      For each "x" there is a Date associated field (p.gen_date) in which I can validate, but I would not like to create another virtual table, I'd like to filter this directly on the graphic.



      Code for virtual calendar:



      Let vMin = Num('2017-01-01');

      Let vMax = Num('2017-12-31');


      If(RowNo() = 1, Date($(vMin), 'YYYY-MM-DD'), Date($(vMin), 'YYYY-MM-DD') + RowNo()) as tDate

      AutoGenerate (1) While $(vMin) + RowNo() <= Date($(vMax));




      Distinct Month(tDate) as cal_Mês

      Resident FullCalendar;


      Drop Table FullCalendar;


      Sample code for measure values:









          protocol p



      So I've added a lines graphic and put as dimension "cal_Mês" and as measure the function below (which not worked):

      Count({$(Month(p.gen_date) = $(cal_Mês))} p.number)


      Sem título.png


      This is what I have with MasterCalendar, but when I apply some filters the months with zero values just dissapear from graphic instead of showing value equals to zero.


      Any ideas of solving this with a chart expression (without populating table and without creating a new virtual table)..?