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    Variables within Set Analysis

    Dan Green

      I have the below measure in a chart. The vCollEff variable works fine WITHOUT the CE_AgeType expression in it. I am trying to get the second variable, vCEAgeType to work. If I test it as something similar in a Qlikview text box them the If statement works as expected. I am trying to use this to get my Qlik Sense chart to default to Bill Date as the CE_AgeType selection if nothing is selected and otherwise show the type that is selected. In theory I do not see why this wont work but I am thinking it could be the formatting of vCEAgeType within vCollEff. Any help is greatly appreciated!


      IF([Amount/Count] = 'Count', Num(Sum($(vCollEff)CE0_30Cnt),'#,##0;(#,##0)'), Num(Sum($(vCollEff)CE0_30Amt)/1000000, '$###M;($###M)'))


      vCollEff = {$<CEDateFlag = {1}, CE_AgeType = {'$(vCEAgeType)'},ReceiptType=,ReceiptStatus>}


      vCEAgeType = If(IsNull(CE_AgeType), 'Bill Date', GetFieldSelections(CE_AgeType))