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    TypeError: Cannot read property 'message' of undefined

    Kanti Chalasani



      I am getting this javascript error randomly in my mashup. We are new to Qlik, so checking to see if we are missing anything.


      Get this error at this code section.

      require( ["js/qlik"], function ( qlik ){

                      qlik.setOnError( function ( error ){

                                      alert( error.message );



      Basically above code throws error saying error.message does not exist.

      require.js:19 TypeError: Cannot read property 'message' of undefined

          at TESTAPPv1.js:22

          at qlik.js:104

          at g (require.js:20)

          at require.js:20

          at o.$eval (require.js:20)

          at o.$digest (require.js:20)

          at require.js:20

          at f (require.js:18)

          at require.js:18

      Error from Engine:

      1.   {jsonrpc: "2.0", id: 79, error: {…}}

      1.   error:

      1.   code:15

      2.   message:"Request aborted"

      3.   parameter:"Failure"

      4.   __proto__:Object

      2.   id:79

      3.   jsonrpc:"2.0"

      4.   __proto__:Object


      Any help/pointers are really appreciated.