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    Changing measure number formatting changes value

    Massimo Favaro

      Hello everyone,

      I am experiencing a strange issue.

      I have calculated a measure that's like:

      SUM(INTERVAL(EndingDate - StartingDate, 'h')) that should measure the sum, in hours, of the duration of some kind of processes.

      No problems this far.

      I then created some visualizations, for example a KPI: it shows me 9400.

      Nice, but I'd like to show the separator of the thousands. So I edit the KPI, find the measure and change the formatting, changing if from "Automatic" to "Number".

      Nice, now it should show me 9.400...nope. It shows me 391,67 that is 9400/24, it's changing it from hours to days.

      Why does it so?
      And how can I format the measure?
      I've read https://help.qlik.com/it-IT/sense/September2017/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Scripting/FormattingFunctions/formatting-function… but it's not very intuitive.

      Should I measure it in days, formatting it as number and multiply the measure by 24?