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    Interval Match Help In Qlik Sense

    Hari Nag

      Hi Qlik Experts,


      I have the Following Data Like this


      ProjectNameStart DtEnd DtHr Per day

      In the front end When a user select 2017 he wants to see how many hours John has or Daniel has.

      This is Just a sample Data. In reality we have many rows in the above table.

      I tried to use while loop generating dates between Start Dt and End Dt but it is taking more time to complete the load.

      I see other option as interval match.

      I tried like this



      IntervalMatch (Dates)

      Load Start Dt,

               End Dt

      Resident IntervalTable;


      Dates field is coming from Master Calender.

      But When I tried to create a KPI to sum of the Hrsperday in the year 2017 I am getting Calculation error.

      The Expression is like this. Sum(Aggr(Sum(Hr Per Day), Project, Name, Dates))


      Please help..!!