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    Any Qlik Extension allow one main sheet user click go to any sheet and home button return to main page ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      Below is the sheet i created in QS. You can see that for KPI i have 5 different design. I now using story telling to link , it work fine. But instead of create seperate story telling file for each meeting presentation. i want to do the story telling in sheets. I like to know does any one know any Qlik Branch can make the sheet A allow user click on sheet A and zoom to sheet A to Z ?


      master page link to sheet.png

      But in story telling , i using below to first page as Agenda , my Question is how can i make it , when i click on the word 2 Target , it will make 2.1 Target In Group sheet appear ? Now i using ppt methode , which is unable to use link. Hope some one can advise me. I know in story telling is not able to do it. May i know how to do it in QS sheet ?