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    Graph showing Previous 12 Months from Selected Date


      I need to look back over the previous 12 months from a selected date (Stock), in a graph


      Something like


      For selected Date 1/2010


      Date               1/2009      2/2009      ....     1/2010.

      12" Wheel          5                12                    22         

      15" Wheel          7                 9                      5


      So that it picks up the stock values for those months as a sum of all product stock. the DDL Selector is selecting the end of the period and I want to look up the previous 12 months. If I allow multiple months selected then the tables (grids) cease to be correct.


      i.e. the date selector picks upi the actual values for the specific month nad the graph shows the actual values for each month up to 12 months previously. I'm looking for a simple dataset that is not overridden by the date selector e.g. Select Dates between dateadd(end,-12) and end... or similar. The data is present, its just filtered by the selected date.


      And I can't allow multiple date selection