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    Problem setting up user directory connector ApacheDS

    Mark van der Meij



      I'm trying to set up a user directory connector. It's not active directory. It is probabaly apacheDS. Customer is hosting ldap on a synology nas.

      The customer got the connection working using LDAP ExplorerTool2.

      I just can't figure out how to configure it in QlikSense.


      I really need the answer spelled out to me;


      Please see the included screenshot.


      UserDN used was : uid=qliksense,cn=users,dc=acmecorp,dc=com

      BaseDN used was : dc=acmecorp,dc=com


      Ofcourse... these terms don't seem to be available inside sense...

      Also the screenshot is talking about Root-Dc.

      Which I do not see anywhere in my screenshots.



      Lookinig forward to your insights!