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    Last 12 Month

    Mike Rogers

      Currently have a whole EBITDA application that breaks each region and plant out by fiscal year and fiscal month but cannot figure out how to link the fiscal periods together to get a running 12 month graph to display on a worksheet. Can get it broken out in 12 periods by each finascal year but nothing that shows a running 12 periods. Anyone have any thoughts?

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          John O'Brien


          One good way to do this as well as show a number of other time periods (ex. Prior 2 quarters, Year to date, prior year to date, etc.) is to build a calendar table into the data model.  There are a number of good examples of calendar tables to reuse, if you need them. 


          There are other ways to solve this without changing the data model, including:

          1. Adding set analysis to each expression in the chart to limit the data to the periods you want.

          2. Creating a calculated dimension that is null for all values other than the 12 periods.


          I generally prefer the calendar table, over the set analysis and both over the calculated dimension.


          I hope that helps.