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    Qlik sense forecasting functionality

    Prachi Patkar

      Hi All ,

           We are in process to add forecasting functionality in Qlik Sense. We tried linear forecast by equation y=mx+b using Linest_M and

      Linest_B function as below:


      if(only({1}$(vPeriod))<=$(vLastMonthInt),null,linest_m(total aggr(if($(vPeriod)<=$(vLastMonthInt),$(vMeasure)),$(vPeriod)),$(vPeriod))*only({1}$(vPeriod))+linest_b(total aggr(if($(vPeriod)<=$(vLastMonthInt),$(vMeasure)),$(vPeriod)),$(vPeriod)))';


      Above formula gives us only trend or linear forecast.


      But our requirement is now to plot a reports, which uses Exponential smoothing kind of method for forecasting reports with seasonality and data fluctuations as per historical data.

      Is there any forecasting functions available in Qlik other than Linest_M and Linest_B.  Or any other way to plot this kind of forecast reports in Qlik Sense.


      Any help would be appreciated.