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    Display dimension with Null() measure in Qlik Sense

    Britt Karin Børnes

      Hi all,

      I couldn't find an answer to this, only how to hide a dimension with zero or null value, but I need the opposite.


      My problem is that I have a dataset which for some dates have no values in my category field.

      In my expression I use sum(transaction) and in my table chart I show it by the dimension Category.



      If I choose i.e January 2018, I don't have any transactions  for lets say Category2. It is missing values.

      But in my table chart I want to display all values for my category dimension, no matter if there are any corresponding values or not.

      Like in the example table above I would like to still be able to see Category2.

      I think we could do this in QlikView by display all values or something? But I can't figure out how to do this in Qlik Sense.

      Grateful for all help!


      Britt Karin