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    ColorMix in Matrix PivotTable

    Markus Dreuw

      Hi all,


      I want to highlight values in a pivot table which is build as follows:

      lines: different weight bands

      columns: different destintations/zones


      I currently use the following formula:

      ColorMix2( (rank(total column(1))/(noofrows(TOTAL)/2))-1 ,rgb(0,70,155), rgb(204,224,238),rgb(242,242,242))


      This one is only referencing on each single row.

      I want it to reference on the whole matrix, so that eg. zone 5 / weight 301-400kg = 5 and zone 6 / weight 801-900kg = 5 are shown with the same background color.


      Which expression do I need to use for that?