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    Concatenation of QVD file

    Khouloud Rochd


      I have a question about the QVD File

      Well what I need is to add to a QVD file data daily from a sql database so my question is should I create the qvd file and then concatenate in the script the old data in the qvd file or when I do the statement store table in the QVD file it is automaticly inserted in the QVD file.

      Here is my script :


      noconcatenate load *

        Resident Quantities

      Where `NumDate` >'$(vMaxDate)';

      Store finalQuantities into Quantities.qvd(qvd);

      and I am lost about the creation of the file if I have to do the concatenation the first day the script will be executed the QVD file will not created yet

      Please do not ignore my question