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    Define Range..? What all functions can be used?

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a spreadsheet where I have records of 1000 employees working in a company. Now I have to draw a chart where I have to define range, like i have to differentiate between data of 2009, 2010 and so on. It's a smple question but I am not able to figure out the expression.


      So , each employee has a Age column linked with its record. How can we divide the Age based on range? example out of 1000 employees we can divide:


      21-25-- 100


      25-30-- 200

      30-35-- 250


      35 above ---500


      So I have to design a Stacked bar chart , where Dimension would be Year. and then expression would be the count of employees based on range defined above, What calculated expression can I design? Please reply.



      Thank you.