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    add column while loading

      Hi all,


      I just started working with Qlikview and do have a simple table (three columns) to load.


      I don't know if there is a way to do this, but that's why I ask for you help.


      The table I use has rows which are identical.


      Since I need to be able to have all rows (including identical rows) and want to link this table to another table (with the same amounth of rows offcourse). 


      So I thought to add a column with an ID. There is going to be added once in a while a few thousands of rows so I don't want to do this by hand and don't want to have to lookup which ID's are used and which aren't. Thus I prefer to add a column with an automaticaly generated ID.


      I think the solution I am looking for looks very much like this: http://community.qlik.com/message/63485#63485


      I hope someone can help me.

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          Deepak Vadithala



          How about using RecNo() function in the load script and alias the column name. Please find the explanation below...


          RecNo( )

          Returns an integer for the number of the currently read row of the

          input table. The first record is number 1.




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              Thanks DV,


              This is exactly what I was looking for and lets me have all the (not any more) identical rows


              Now I tried to apply this to a crosstable in two ways and both don't work;


              1. Crosstable( Vraagnummer, Antwoorden ) LOAD Date(Datum) as Datum, 'ANTW'&RecNo() as AntwoordID,

                   (several columns)

                   FROM...... table location etc.


              2. Crosstable( Vraagnummer, Antwoorden,  'ANTW'&RecNo() as AntwoordID ) LOAD Date(Datum) as Datum,

                   (several columns)

                   FROM...... table location etc.


              How can I make a table with a column 'AntwoordID', 'Datum', 'Vraagnummer' and a (crosstable)column 'Antwoorden'?