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    QS Document Analyzer V1.2 is available

    Rob Wunderlich

      An new version, 1.2,  of the Qlik Sense Document Analyzer is available for download:


      Qlikview Cookbook: QS Document Analyzer http://qlikviewcookbook.com/recipes/download-info/qs-document-analyzer/


      Updates for V1.2:

      • Fixed errors when empty Variable or Measure.
      • Added ErrorLog table to data model. This table will record errors detected during the analysis process, e.g. Connector errors.
      • Improved DA data model.
      • The connector now extracts additional expressions such as Color By and Reference Lines.
      • New attribute “Expression Location” identifies where in the object an expression is used.
      • New attribute “Expression Table Count” attempts to identify multi-table expressions, which may be poor performers.
      • New MasterDimension attributes “Master Dimension Label Conflict” and “Master Dimension Def Conflict” attempt to highlight possibly ambiguity in Dimension definitions.
      • New expression attributes “Has Set Analysis” and “Uses Variable”.
      • Expression Function usage analysis.
      • Possible to define “initial selections” to be made by the connector before calculating objects.