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    Show column values conditionally?

    Stephen Hasson



      I have a data table which shows monthly sales in a grid, i.e. 12 columns, plus a total in 13th column.


      Using set analysis, it correctly shows the total of the selected months, e.g  when Jan, Feb selected it will only show Jan+Feb numbers, however other months' figures are still displayed in the grid, which is confusing / wrong to look at.


      What syntax would I use to have the 'unselected' months show a blank column?


      Jan expression is : Sum({$<[FiscalPeriodText]={'3~January'}>}ExtPrice)

      Feb expression is : Sum({$<[FiscalPeriodText]={'4~February'}>}ExtPrice)

      Total expression is: Sum(ExtPrice)


      Screen shot attached.




      (3 and 4 are our fiscal month numbers).