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    Uploading and updating data files correctly

    Marios Mylonas

      Hello to all of you.


      I am using qlik to get some statistics regarding my hotel (e.g. Occupancy, Average Rates, etc.)


      I would like to ask something regarding the data files that are used by Qlik. Basically, what I would like to ask is what is the correct procedure (Step by step) to put the data file in the system. The reason I am asking is because I have created some sheets and programmed several filters etc. and at some time I wanted to replace the data file with an updated one. I obviously did something wrong and every sheet I created was gone so I had to reprogram everything from the beginning. So, in brief what I would like to know is:


      1. How can I replace my existing file with a new one without everything being lost?

      2. Once I upload the correct file (csv file), If i want to add some additional data to the existing file (e.g. New reservation that I would like to add in the system to update statistics)


      Thank you very much all of you. I hope it is clear enough!!!

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          David Forest

          Everything being lost would be a symptom of different field names.

          Even if the data is changing, the names of the fields should remain (or be mapped to) your fields in Sense.


          With the possibility of the backend data source changing from file to Excel (or database), it would be best to implement an n-tier architecture where data is loaded from your source into a QVD and that file is loaded into a data model QVD where other QVD sources are (could be) joined and finally your App or UI that binary loads the data model QVD.

          This also allows for different developers to work on the various pieces simultaneously.


          Your UI App will then be easier to manage keeping the field names the same regardless of the downstream changes.