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    Two similar graphs/formula's. One is working...one not. Help?

    Jordan Hertl

      QS Help!.png


      Hello All...I have a line graph and a pie chart here. The pie Chart is giving me the correct score. The Green Section in the Pie chart has a percentage of 29%. These are the "good" scores, and they are just for Quarter 1 2018.  A good score is 4 or over. On the left with the line chart I have the "good" scores charted out by quarter. The Q1 2018 score on here is giving me 13%?! I am baffled. It seems like the line chart is counting the null values in the percentage where the pie chart isn't for some reason?



      I am using this formula for the line chart: Num(Count({<test_measure = {">=4"}>} test_measure) /Count(test_measure),'0%')