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    Aggregation if elsif statement

    amine haddar



      I need to use a conditional statment to group in intervals.

      So I used this function



      If(X=0, '0',

      If(X>0 and X<10000,  '0<CA<10K',

      If(X>=10000 and X<200000,  '10k=<CA<20k',

      If(X>=20000 and X<50000,   '20k=<CA<50k',

      If(X>=50000 and X<70000,   '50k=<CA<70k',

      If(X>=70000 and X<100000,  '70k=<CA<100k',

      If(X>=100000 and X<150000, '100k=<CA<150k',

      If(X>=150000 and X<200000, '150k=<CA<200k',

      if(X>=200000, '200k=<CA '




      I got an error in the expression.

      I think it is a problem with the agregation.

      Any help please?