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    Using variable in Set Analysis

    Michael Steiner



      I would like to use a variable in set analysis, like this way…

      I have defined this variable in the data load editor

      SET vPlanRevenue = (Sum(if(Plan.IsU = '1', Plan.costs)));

      it works fine. If I use it in e.g. a textbox or table like this




      it shows the revenue depending on the selected fiscal years (which is perfect).


      But, if I would like to use it in a set analysis like this

      (I would like to show the revenue of e.g. 2018, independent of selected filter)


      Sum({1<FiscalYear={2018}>} $( vPlanRevenue))


      it is not working.


      Should it work, or I am completely on the wrong way?

      Is there another way to show the revenue of 2018 with the vPlanRevenue variable?

      I need the variable in further calculations, so I cant remove the sum().


      Any help is appreciated.