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    PDF-XChange 3.0 to print Reports

    Katie LaBau



      I am in need of MACRO code that will allow me to print a report out of Qlikview.  I have created a report with the name 'Pharmacy Mailing' and the Id 'RP02'.    I need this report to be printed into separate documents for each possible value in one field called MemberId.  For example, if  have 10 MemberIds I will need 10 separate reports printed via PDF-XChange 3.0.


      Can anyone help me with this?


      Thank you in advance


      EDIT 4/5/2018


      I've figured out how to print the reports using the following Macro Code:





      I now need to know how to save EACH report with a DIFFERENT name.  Something like, "Mailing - MemberId_ORIG"


      Thank you