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    Ignore selections on certain fields when a calculated measure is selected

    Manojkumar Palanivelu

      In my Qliksense report I have a calculated measure like below (simplified it)


      =if(aggr(sum(QTY), ITEM,FCST_WEEK)>var_Limit,'YES')


      Basically if the user selects 'YES' for this expression, report selects the fields for which the aggregated QTY at ITEM and FCST_WEEK level is greater than the value in the variable.


      What I want is, when the 'YES' is selected for the above expression value, report needs to select just ITEM and ignore FCST_WEEK i.e. User just wants to filter only the ITEMs that are selected from the expression above. By default it selects both ITEM and FCST_WEEK.


      I hope the question is clear.


      So is there way to clear the selection on FCST_WEEK and keep only the ITEMs selected?