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    General Reference to X Axis Dimension

    Jamey Copeland



      I am creating a reference line on a scatter chart where the x axis is set by a drop down from the variable extension. I would like to change the reference line expression depending on the axis value.


      So far I have tried something like this:

      Median(Aggr(Sum({$<BookFscYearStr = {'2017'}, FiscalQuarter = {'Q1'}>}NETSALESAMTUSD), If(vVariableSelector = 1, Region,Platform))


      The expression doesnt seem to like the If Statement in the Aggr function.


      I was thinking that if there was a generic way to refer to the x dimension than this wouldnt be an issue.


      Something like:

      Median(Aggr(Sum({$<BookFscYearStr = {'2017'}, FiscalQuarter = {'Q1'}>}NETSALESAMTUSD), x.dim)


      However I havent found a way to generically refer to the x dimension.


      Any ideas?