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    pivot table null values

    onur yilmaz

      Hello everyone,


      I have a standart qlik sense pivot table. In pivot table some of the values are dash(-).


      The requirement is to see space or zero (0) values instead of dash(-) values.


      I have already uncheck the "include null values", but stil have the dash values.


      I have tried below options but none of them not worked.


      if(Sum(CONS_QUANTITY)=null(),' ',Sum(CONS_QUANTITY))


      If(Trim(CONS_QUANTITY) = '', null(), Sum(CONS_QUANTITY))

      for the script side, I have also tried below code but also not worked.

      NullAsValue 'CONS_QUANTITY';

      set NullValue=' ';

      pivot null.png


      Please suggest any appropriate solution,


      Any help will/would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.