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    Creating combo chart with two measure calculated by dimension field

    Tyler Emberson

      Hello Qlik Community,


      I have been trying to create a bar chart showing a sum based on the year found in the date field on the record (a 2017 vs 2018 comparison using the same date field and same qty field) my date format is YYYY-MM-DD. My data begins Jan 1st, 2017.


      The chart expression I am using is IF(LEFT(End_Date,4) < '2018', sum(Aggr(Sum(Qty),End_Date)))


      The expression checker validates it, but It still will not produce any visualization. I have tried loading the date in different format styles but no joy. Is there a different way to use the aggr function to display the measure based on a dimension value? Or should I be loading the date data differently?


      Thanks for the help.