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    Dual - Single Versus Double Quotes

    Justin McPheeters

      Hi everyone,


      I know that Qlik somewhat recently fixed the single versus double quote issue in set analysis so that single quotes reference literal strings while double quotes not act as a case insensitive search. This is wonderful, but I seem to have found an issue with how it was implemented. Can someone else please confirm that they are also experiencing the issue I describe below in Qlik versions starting with November 2017? I'm not sure how to send this to Qlik as a potential bug so posting here first.


      My issue seems to be two-fold.

      1.) You can no longer use single quotes in set analysis to filter for field values that are stored as Dual() values.

      2.) Since you can't filter Dual() text values using single quotes there would be no way to distinguish between these two values in set analysis without knowing/referencing their individual number values - Dual('value', 1) and Dual('VALUE', 2).


      I've attached a simple QVF file and screenshot that shows where these issues occur.


      For pretty much all of our needs, switching the existing single quotes for double quotes works, but I'd like to be able to implement set analysis for Dual() values in the same way that we do for all other data types.


      Best regards,