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    How to change Date format based on Country?

    Alan Schmeelk

      HI all,

      I am attempting to change(set) the date format for my App based on the Country Code in our data base using the following code in the data load editor:

      If $(vCountry) = 'CA' then

           Set DateFormat = 'D/M/YYYY';


           Set DateFormat = 'M/D/YYYY';

      End If;


      vCountry is set earlier in my script when the country code is loaded.

      I keep getting the following error:

      Unexpected token: '=', expected one of: '(', 'ZTestw_z', 'OPERATOR_PLUS', 'OPERATOR_MINUS', 'not', 'bitnot', 'LITERAL_NUMBER', ...

      The error occurred here:
      If >>>>>>=<<<<<< 'CA' then
      Can anyone point out what I am doing wrong here?