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    How to make scatter plot if one dimension can have multiple x and y values?

    Hermia Yue

      Hello guys, I am new to qlik sense and I have a question on how to make scatter plot with filters. I searched but couldn't find similar problems.

      The simplified data version is as follows:


      Record    ev_group  x_value y_value

      1             FA25         0.5        0.6

      2             FA30         0.3        0.4

      2             FA25         0.8        0.2

      3             FA30         0.5        0.1


      I want to make a scatter plot of the records and filter them by ev_group, right now I am using the function aggr(x/y, record, ev_group) so I can plot the record on measure x and y and group them by record and ev_group.

      However, I found that if I select both FA 25 and F30, only record 1 and 3 will appear on the plot, but record 2 disappeared since it both belongs to group 25 and group 30. if I just select FA25, record 1 and 2 will appear, or if I just select FA30, record 2 and 3 will appear.

      See my plot for example ,red dot is FA25 and black is F30:


      With only FA 25 selected, several records showing


      Now with both FA25  and 30 selected, only two red dots remains because all others have both FA25 and FA30.



      So how do I alter my measure expression to make the plot show both record 1, 2, 3 with record 2 represented by two points(I can use a color expression to differentiate those points) on the same plot if I select both FA 25 and FA30?

      Thanks in advance!