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    marco masin

      Hello everyone. I have a problem.
      I would like to hide a sheet and make it active only with the clik of a button.
      How do I do?

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          Christian Conejero

          Once I used this for that purpose.

          It is a double check. First you have to open Sheet Properties and Show it conditionally to these 2 variables: Contraseña (Password) and Pase (Pass). Also, it is convenient to hide tabs. Using this method, the sheet will not appear in the tool bar Sheets. I´m sure they are other ways. For example by user.


          sub contrasena
          Dim PassBox
          Dim Lowercase

          PassBox = InputBox("Por favor, escriba la contraseña", "Contraseña")

          set w = ActiveDocument.Variables("contrasena")
          set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("pase")
          if PassBox = w.GetContent.String then
          v.SetContent "si" , true
          ActiveDocument.ActivateSheet "Administracion"
          MsgBox "Contraseña Incorrecta", , "Contraseña"

          End if
          end sub   
































































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            Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

            Hello Marco,


            If you don't need additional security, and you only want to show/hide a sheet (instead of an object) using only one button, do the following:

            • Create a variable vSheetVisible (Settings menu, Variable Overview) and set it to 1
            • then create the button, and in the properties, General tab, set its text to


            =If(vSheetVisible = 1, 'Hide Sheet', 'Show Sheet')


            • In the button's properties, go to Actions tab, add External, Set Variable vSheetVisible and value


            =If(vSheetVisible = 1, 0, 1)


            • Now go to the sheet you want to show/hide and click on the background, properties, General tab, Show Sheet, Conditional and set the following condition


            vSheetVisible = 1


            And that's all.


            Hope that helps.


            Miguel Angel Baeyens

            BI Consultant

            Comex Grupo Ibérica