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    Aggregation Table

    vishal raina

      Hi Community members,


      Need urgent help on the below.


      I have to create a table in which i need division of some aggregated columns.





      The ask :

      We have 2 dimensions - one is the Product (a) and the other being the product position (front, back , side)

      I have the sum of sales for the product "a" over the product positions(front, back , side) as given in row 1.

      I want to find out the percentage as in row 2 which is sales /min(sales) for each cell. Denominator would be Min sales value across product positions per product (from row 1) and the respective sum of sales would be the numerator.

      Ex. 260.39% =5254.5/2017.92, 2017.92 being the min sales.

      Note : Table format isn't imp, just need a way to form a similar value table.