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    Plot A Graph

    Monu Saraswati

      Hi Team ,


      Below is my requirement:

      I have a field called "Parameter" and each parameter has a numeric value associated with it which is coming from another column "Performance".


      I want user should be to select 2 parameter : Say we have 2 filter - 1. Select Parameter A 2. Select Parameter B

      Once the Parameter is Selected, i want a graph to be plotted as below:

      Parameter A on x - Axis

      Parameter B on y- Axis

      and the intersecting Performance Value of "Parameter A" and "Parameter B" should be plotted.


      Please find attached example.


      Help me with anyithing possible on this




        • Re: Plot A Graph
          Digvijay Singh

          You may do something like this -


          1. Create island table 1 having just parameter field, rename it to ParameterA.

          2. Create island table 2 having just parameter field, rename it to ParameterB.


          Use filters in UI for these fields to select the Parameter A and Parameter B, use scatter plot to plot the values.


          3. In scatter plot choose any associated dimension with the fact table parameter values as a chart dimension.

          4. Measure1 - Sum({<Parameterfieldoffacttable={$(=chr(39)&ParameterA & chr(39))}PerformanceField)

          5.Measure2- Sum({<Parameterfieldoffacttable={$(=chr(39)&ParameterB & chr(39))}PerformanceField)