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    Reloading large data

      Hello everybody,


      I have just created a Qlikview report and deployed it on the QV Server. I'm able to access the report over a browser.


      1) 4 of the 12 tables are very large with about 1.5 million rows (3-4 columns). The qvw file size is 51 MB


      2) The initial data load took me about an hour.


      I'd like to know what is the optimal method of reloading this data. Considering the time it took, I think I can reload only twice or thrice a day. Even that might affect the performance of the production OLTP DB server.


      I'd only be building more reports and that is going to add more tables over a period of time. I'm relaly worried about the reload.


      We are in the business of managing millions of devices and the activity data is captured on these devices/customers every day and that data definitely needs to be captured into the BI system for trending purposes.


      Does qlikview have an option to track only incremental / changed data ?


      Kinldy thow some light on How I should go about designing this BI system.