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    Calculate the Min of excluded dates

    Adrien Marchadier

      Hello everyone,


      I have been a Qlik Sense user for about 2 years for now. But I'm facing an issue I can't easily solve ...


      I have a database with historical data, flagged by an extract date.

      After applying some filters, I can find the max possible extract date.

      What I want now is to find data related to the date directly after this max possible extract date.


      With an image :



      Note that "extract date+1" is not possible as I do not have data every single day (such as weekends) and because of active selection !


      I tried mixing min-max and ALL-TOTAL, with no success:

      Min(ALL Aggr(Only(If(Extract_date > Max(TOTAL Extract_date),Extract_date)),Extract_date))


      Maybe the solution is using set analysis ...


      Thank in advance for your help,