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    Trouble with a complicated line graph.

    Max Zol

      Objective: Measure daily (close of business)  onhand inventories for a warehouse using a line graph.


      Example Table:

      Ship FromShip ToDateQuantity




      This is roughly how my shipping database information is formatted. I am looking for a way to measure the volume of inventory for location B. in this example COB (close of business inventory) for B on 1/1 would be 10, on 1/2 it would be 30.



      1. I am unsure how to pull a single dimension into QlikSense from multiple columns/attributes (based off ingoing and outgoing product).
      2. Both "Ship From" and "Ship To" can be hundreds of different combinations. I need a way to enforce the user selecting a SINGLE location in order for the graph to be used. I realize a variable in the load editor could work, BUT as far as I know its static and could not change depending on what location the user needs to look at.


      I am still relatively new to QlikSense, and I may be missing something obvious (maybe there is a qlikbranch extension the could help?) Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance .