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    Use multiple identifiers in set analysis

    Pascal Dijkshoorn

      Hi Everyone,


      I want to use multiple identifiers in set analysis.


      I am currently using the following formula:

      Count ({$<tsrm65={'creation of file manually','dossier aangemaakt handmatig'},[tsacdt.autoCalendar.WeeksAgo]={'1'}>}tsttkd)


      I am using a bookmark with a selection on L_BEGIN_DATE in this application that has to be used on every chart except this one. So i want to ignore the selection in the formula. Only i don't know how to write two identifiers in one formula. This would be the formula if '1' was the only identifier:

      Count ({1<L_BEGIN_DATE>}tsttkd)

      Can someone tell me how to combine both identifiers?


      Thanks in advance.