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    Qlik Sense Cloud data file updating

    Celia Seward

      I've been using Qlik Cloud for about 1 year.  To update my applications, I have to import the data files with updated versions.  I discovered that DropBox is now a place to save files.  So, I'm trying to automate the process of running the reload process.


      I'm wondering how other Qlik Sense Cloud users automate the process.


      Here is what my idea is, but a crucial step will not work.


      • I run the report on our SQL Server via a report subscription. 
      • The resulting XML file gets saved to a share drive on the SQL Server.
      • I then try to, via an xcopy script, copy the XML file from the SQL share drive to a mapped drive (the mapped drive is my personal PC).  This step will not run with Windows Task Scheduler because the to drive is mapped

      My question is:  How are other Cloud users automating their file load process?