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    Using Email Notification Connector

    Mark Ritter

      So I got through the first part of setting up the connector and sending a test email. 


      Now I want to add to my load script the code needed to shoot off an email to me if the task is not successful. 


      I have the sample code that is not specific to any event.  This came from the YouTube video. 


      LIB CONNECT TO 'Send Email Alerts';


      LET vMsg = 'Sent at ' & Now();







      FROM CSV (header on, delimiter ",", quote """") "CSV_source"


           QUERY "to" "mritter@dunbararmored.com"

           ,QUERY "cc" "mritter@dunbararmored.com"

           ,QUERY "subject" "$(vMsg)"

           ,QUERY "message" "Yippie"

           ,QUERY "fromName" "noreply"

           ,QUERY "fromEmail" "Qlik@dunbarmored.com"

           ,QUERY "forate" "csv"



      LOAD [status] AS [status],

      [result] AS [result],

      [filesattached] AS [filesattached]

      RESIDENT RestConnectorMasterTable;


      DROP TABLE RestConnectorMasterTable;


      I suspect that I can use the above code but need to put a loop or something in and also check for an error level.  But I am not sure what to do next.