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    PreYrYTD calculation

    Wanyun Yang

      Hi guys,


      I'm doing PreYrYTD calculation. Here's a part of the function: >=ADDYEARS(Min(Date),-1). In Date field, I have: 01/10/2017, 02/12/2017, 02/01/2018, 02/20/2018.

      I select a date range: 01/10/2018-02/20/2018, it will only show 02/12/2017 in PreYrYTD, instead of 01/10/2017 and 02/12/2017. I think this is because it will recognize 02/01/2018 as Min(Date), instead of 01/10/2018 which is not in the Date field. How should I fix my function?

      Thanks for help!