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    Cannibalization: Set Analysis Filter from Dimensions Values

    Luis Carmona Martínez

      I have a list of 200 stores, each of them has been openend at different dates, and need to calculate the SUM(SALES) for each of those on the 1st year with this restrictions:


      - Sum of sales from customers who have bought something in other stores before the OpenStoreday


      I can easily calculate that just by one store, what I don´t know how it to calculate that in 1 measure for all of them.


      Let´s say that Store Number 1 Opened on 20171212 (Year, Month, DaY) so STORE_OPENDAY value is 20171212 as well




      CLIENT_ID = P({<[INVOICE_DATE]={"<20161212"}>})




      How should this formula be change in order that INVOICE_DATE could be calculated in a table, depending on the STORE_OPENDAY of each store.



      1                               ...                     ...

      2                               ...                      ...