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    How to show zero values in pivot table

    onur yilmaz

      Hello everyone,


      I have a pivot table;

      producer and product as a row, scenarios on column which can be selectable from the left top of the selections and as a measure I have quantity and price values.


      When  I have select a producer from the producer filter which has no values for  selected scenario, I am only able to see scenairos which has the data have, for the below picture I am not able to see 'AC 2018' values for the selected 'Producer'.


      What I want is even if there is no value for the selected scenario, I want to see zero values for the selected scenario.


      For example; for the below picture 'AC18' , 'OP18'  and 'AC17' selected from the scenarios and I have also selected a producer which has no data for scenario 'AC18'. I am only able to see 'AC 2017' and 'OP 2018' in pivot table but I have also want to see 'AC 2018' column as zero. How can I solve this problem?


      Ps: For the below picture 'Producer ', 'AC 2017' and 'OP 2018' values have been hidden. I mean, there is values, I hid them.


      quantity issue.png



      Please suggest me any solution if anyone of you gone through the same problem. Any help will be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.