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    Multiple lines on line chart

    Keti Kvirikashvili



      In my dimension I should see the days from the beginning of the year to the max date.

      I want to have 3 lines on line chart.  One line should calculate the sum of sales in 2016, another line for 2017 etc


      I have date format like this

      Jan 1 , Feb 1 ...


      My chart should look like this



      is it possible?


      I calculate the  sum of sales in 2018  using this formula: SUM({$<Year = {'$(=Max(Year))'}, Month =, Quarter = , date = >}FactSoldAmount)

      When I add another dimension for the previous year SUM({$<Year = {'$(=Max(Year)-1)'}, Month =, Quarter = , date = >}FactSoldAmount) lines aren't shown together. At first I see sum of sales in 2017 from January to April, and then I see sum of sales in 2018 from January to April