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    How to use section on two different colummns

    Swati Mangla

      Hi ,


      I am trying to use section access in my application. I have users with a specific role defined for each row  which are present in the dataset as shown above. What I want is that if the logged in user id matches with any value in GCAL column , then it should take GCAL as reduction column, if it matches with any value from SPOC column, then it should SPOC as redcution column in section access and in case the logged in user id does not match with any of the values in GCAL/SPOC,CSDM column, then he should be able to see the entire dataset.


      I wrote down the following section access query to check if the logged in user is present in SPOC column and is able to see only those rows from dataset for which the userid is matching :


      LIB Connect To 'Dev_Server';



      'USER' as ACCESS,

      'DIR\' & UPPER(SPOC) as USERID,

      SPOC as SPOC;


      SQL EXEC Report_AssessmentDashboard;




      This is working fine. Now i want to find out how i can handle it for different columns in section access and how i can show all data if user id is not matching with any column value.



      Swati Mangla