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    Count matching characters

    sony sing

      Hi all ,

      Sunny Talwar

      Petter Skjolden

      I need to count the matching characters in a field value


      example:  one exam  100 questions are there   I have written 100 answers   like

      ABCACDAABC............  like 100

      for this  key also avaialbe in second table   like

      ABBBBCCCCC      so  my answer and key  to match and check how many correct or wrong by letter by letter



      in this   ABCACDAABC --my answers   

                   | | \ \ | | | \ \ \ \                 in this example  - 3 is correct answer count  7 is wrong count

                 ABBBBCCCCC      -- key       so First letter A-A   1st answer correct so count 1   [so how many correct answers that count and wrong count]

      B-B correct  so like that correct answer count and wrong answer count