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    Simple but Perplexing

    Kenneth Holden

      ((sum({1<[FIS YEAR]={'2017'}>} UNITS))-(sum(UNITS)))/(52-(count(distinct(WEEK))))


      The above expression is designed to give me how many "units per week" a sales rep has to write in order to be on par with all of last years total units.


      it does give me an average but its off by about 5%, when I do do the math manulaly this expresion works perfectly.


      I independantly tested each side of the equation in a KPI object and  when done indepednantly they both give teh exact correct ansewer. Howver, when i put them into teh expression above togetehr the average is slightly off.


      This is perplexing.


      can anyone assist?


      52- count(distinct(week-) gives me the number of weeks thatremain, and the first part of the equation gives  the  year to date unit production from the last years total number.


      Thank you.