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    Days Sales Outstanding(DSO) in Qlikview

    Hari Prasad

      Hi Friends,


      I just require help regarding DSO(Days Sales Outstanding) Calculation. Below is the Calculation formula :


      DSO = (AROutstanding/Sales)*Number of Days


      Iam attaching a Sample QVW and a sample excel for this.Iam giving below normal calculations we use in DSO for your understanding.


      DSO for that Month= (AROutstanding Total for that month/Sales for that Month)*Number of days in that month

      DSO for that week= (AROutstanding Total for that Week/Sales for that Week)*Number of days in that week

      DSO for that selected days=(AROutstanding Total for that Selected days/Sales for that selected days)*Number of selected days

      DSO for that Year= (AROutstanding Total for that Year/Sales for that Year)*Number of days in that Year


      Kindly require help regarding this.