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    .NET SDK - Sharing session

    Elia Dal Santo



      I'm trying to share a session between a browser and and the .NET SDK, so that selections are mirrored on both ends. I'm connetcing to a QlikSense server using a certificate, and o like this:


      //Connect to QlikSense server
          "myuserdir", //User directory
          "administrator", //UserID (this user is RootAdmin)
          x509coll //Certificate
      var appIdentifier = ...
      var senseSession = Session.WithApp(appIdentifier, SessionType.Default);
      var appInstance = senseLocation.App(appIdentifier, senseSession);

      then I'm applying some selections:




      however, the selection does not get applyed on the broser side. And likewise, if I apply some selections using the browser they are not applied when querying data via the SDK.


      EDIT: more precisely: sometimes nothing happens, other times the last lines causes this error on the client session:


      2018-04-16 14_48_38-TEST _ Fogli - Qlik Sense.png


      Which translates more or less to:


      An error occurred


      Connection to the QlikSense engine failed due to unspecified reasons

      Refresh your browser or contact a system administrator

      What am I missing here?